Keynote Panel announced: Taking a top-down Approach to Organisational Cyber Risk Ownership and Governance

We don't need to look very far in any direction to see organisations who have been the victim of attempts by sophisticated attackers to disrupt operations, steal money or data, undermine public confidence or cause physical damage. When the assets we protect are critical to the functioning of society, livelihoods and public safety, the repercussions of failure can be severe. Ultimately, somebody will be to blame... so who is jumping at the chance to own cyber risk?
 ·         Effective escalation of operational to strategic risk
·         The importance of a clear and coordinated strategy to attributing responsibility
·         Proactive and considered approaches and the danger of overreacting to high profile cyber attacks
·         What needs to be better understood by senior management before setting out a fit for purpose cyber governance strategy and what part do you play?


Bobby Singh

CISO and Global Head of Infrastructure Services, TMX

Menno Vlietstra

CIO, Urenco

Menno Vlietstra is Group Chief Information Officer of URENCO, the market leader in uranium enrichment services with manufacturing facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the U.S.With 20 years of technology leadership experience, he drives forward the state-of-the-art IT...